Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I'm so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I've gotten over a thousand pageviews so far and i think it's AWESOME!!I only had this blog for a week lol!!I owe it all to you guys for getting me so far!My friends will FREAK!!!I mean like I can't stop annoying my mom and telling her to come look at my status.My blog has been viewed from Russia, Sweeden, U.S., Alaska, France, Canada, England, Norway, and more!!!!!!!! I hope people spread the word for peace. PEACE,

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  1. Hi Jake
    I'm glad you started this blog! I was a Montessori teacher and found a link to your blog on Facebook. I have two girls that are in Montessori. My oldest is in 8th grade and has attended Montessori for 12 years. My youngest is about your age...she will turn 10 in 31 days! (she just made me stop and count the days instead of saying the actual date) Can you figure out when her birthday is???? She has attended Montessori for 6 years. Keep up the good work on this blog! I will share it with my friends too! PEACE Christy and Piper from Phoenix